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A poem about life before computers
A list of useless facts
Question for Tech Support
Some Humor at Easy Desk Software
Just Jokes
How to fix Windows

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How to setup and use Easy Desk Office
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Changing your email address?
Changing the Keyboard layout
Contents of the Msdos.sys File
Make a Windows CD from Recovery disk
Common Windows Problems and repairs
FAT - what is it?
How to Speed up your Computer
Getting the most from your memory (RAM)
GPFs General Protection Faults
How to format and do it right
How to install Windows from the I386 folder
How to use our tools
How to fix your Registry
How to fix Program Errors
How to fix General Protection Errors

How the Registry Works
Illegal Operation messages
Install Windows without a CD Key
Registry Tricks and Tips
Smart Tip for installing Windows with NTFS
Subnet Mask Table
What is a DLL
Where are my Registry Files
Windows and Hardware
Windows Tips
Windows files list
What do Stop Error messages mean in simple language
What Keys and SubKeys do in the Windows Registry



Our Newsletters
Never format your computer again
So What's a Service Pack?
Trouble Shooting Windows
What utility do I need to fix my computer
Windows XP
Why Reinstalling Windows doesn't work

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