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Fixes almost any corrupt Windows Registry

You will never need to format again because of a corrupted Registry! This is the only Registry utility of it's kind available today! It will also fix many problems that you may be getting on Windows 95, 98 and Second Edition. If you have Windows 2000, 2003,Xp or Vista you will need Registry Drill.

RegMedic is the only program of it's kind. Not only can it restore a Registry, but it can build one too. It can fix any single key or all of them. No other software company produces a Registry utility like this, not Norton Utilities, not even Microsoft has it! Yes. Reinstalling Windows works most of the time but not all the time, you would need to uninstall any upgrade of Internet Explorer first and then reinstall it after you have reinstalled Windows. RegMedic can do this in just a few minutes without the hassle AND without losing any of your other software!

RegMedic can install a new Registry in just a few minutes without having to format or uninstall I.E. It can rebuild your Registry to match the day when you installed RegMedic, or reset every key to the default settings created when Windows was first installed . You can reset any single key or all of them, replace just the missing keys, find out which of the keys used in booting up by Windows   have been changed, and much more.

RegMedic will fix most Registry problems and errors, even a corrupt Registry when the default setting are used. Default setting are not enabled in the trial version.

If you have a corrupt Registry and RegMedic cannot fix it, then nothing is going to fix it except for a format and restore. RegMedic is not just a Registry Doctor, it's the entire Hospital! It can remove all hardware settings allowing Windows to reinstall your hardware on a clean slate. RegMedic even removes the old hidden settings that you removed or changed in the Device Manager long ago. This is like installing Windows on a newer formatted hard drive.

If you are unsure about purchasing RegMedic after you use it, please use the Save Current Setting function. Then just leave it dormant on your computer until you need it, and register it then!

RegMedic is for English Versions of Windows only.


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