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Here you will find Windows Registry and System File repair utilities and information to fix almost any Windows problem.

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Home & Business Accounting Software

Easy Desk Office

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A complete office accounting software program. Banking, checking, invoicing, inventory, purchasing, and payroll. Statements, payables, and receivables. It even has an integrated inter office communication system. Seven security levels and dead lock database.

One license allows you to install to all your computers, for a single user. Multi User licenses available. More about Easy Desk Office

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Instant Check



Design and print your own personal and/or business checks. Take customer checks via Fax, phone or email. Does all the booking keeping for you. Handles as many accounts as you need without having to reload a database. Instant Check is the most versatile software available today. It prints in Dollars - Euros - Pounds. More about Instant Check

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Registry Tools


Registry Drill



The Registry Drill is the worlds most detailed and in-depth Registry repair, diagnostic and cleaning tool available today. It has more than 20 tools, 17 drills and 15 search patterns. It will find hundreds of errors that other Registry Cleaners cannot. It will find all the errors in your Registry and post them for your review, telling you why the Key contains an error and allows you to delete them or repair the Registry. You can fix the Key or delete it. The in-depth help file will walk you through all the repairs.

Registry Drill is the #1 choice for IT people.

For all versions of Windows More about the Drill . Registry Drill is now in the Microsoft Hall of fame on the WUGnet site




WinSafe XP



Windows 9x - ME

Windows XP


WinSafe & WinSafe XP : Nothing Stops WinSafe except a power failure! Works on English and foreign languages, Networks, Compressed drives, and Dual boot systems! It will verify your system files on Shut Down of Windows, when you backup and when you restore. With WinSafe on your computer, you will never get locked out of Windows again! WinSafe watches for Trojans, viruses, and Hijackers (Hijacked Home Page) as it protects your Registry. It's the fastest and easiest way to recover from any crash or Registry problem. WinSafe has all the tools needed to correct hardware or software problems. Nothing could be faster or easier; just a click of a button or type the word WINSAFE at the Command prompt and your back in Windows. It backs up your Registry, VMM32.vxd file and other files that Windows needs to boot - no other utility does this. You may never have to reinstall Windows again. Find out why so many users would not own a computer without WinSafe installed. More about WinSafe or WinSafe XP $29.95




Registry Watch


Registry Watch: finds changes made to your Registry and file system while installing new software or at anytime you want to see what changes are being made. It will completely uninstall any installation it has monitored for you when you the time comes, making it the perfect uninstaller. Registry Watch has an auto Registry backup and restore utility built in, designed for XP and 2000! Guaranteed to completely uninstall all Registry entries and added files when you want to uninstall a program. More about Registry Watch . For all versions of Windows $29.95


Other Registry Tools that we Offer


RegRepair 2000: This is the utility that you have heard so much about for Windows 95, 98, and ME. It finds and fix IOS errors, remove or replace corrupted fonts, FailedtoLoad or InitiateFailed files, and DRV's, DLL's, and VXD's without having to reformat your hard drive. For Windows 9x , ME More about RegRepair 2000 $29.95

RegMedic:The only utility that can fix a corrupted Registry or rebuild the Registry from scratch. No more formatting. The help file will walk you through finding errors and making repairs. For Windows 9x
More about RegMedic $39.95

Open RegEdit: This neat little utility opens the Registry Editor at the Key you want and it can also read the value of any Key. More about Open RegEdit . For all versions of Windows $ - FREEWARE

System File Tools


System Sentry



System Sentry is an in depth file tool, dealing with the System files. If your system files are not the correct version for your system, they will cause General Protection Errors, screen freezes, program hang-ups, programs to perform incorrectly, and other errors. System Sentry can restore any system file, whether it is a Windows file, a program file, or even an updated Windows file. It can tell you when a file has been corrupted or changed. It can help you fix error messages like "This program has caused an illegal operation and will be shut down" and "Cannot find entry point in dynamic link library ....." and ".... caused an invalid page fault in module KERNEL32.DLL at 016f:bff8e1ad" . System Sentry is now in the Microsoft Hall of fame on the WUGnet site , Rated ***** by ZDNet
More about System Sentry For all versions of Windows $29.95

Internet & Office Security


Special Agent
P. C. Secure



Your Total Internet Security System. A Spyware and Adware monitor and cleaner with real time monitoring; as well a database that is update almost daily. A configurable firewall, Phishing site and malware detecting monitor and browser. It Hides and Encrypt files and documents you don't want any to see or find. Encrypt messages, that you can email or print. And a security File shredder. It also has a host of IP tools -Connection monitor, DNS and alias tool. It can encrypt your passwords and makes them Key Logger proof when you need them.

More about PC Secure. For Windows 9x, ME, NT, 2000,2003, XP

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Our Other Tools

Easy Recovery


Easy Recovery is the only utility that is designed for computer owners that only have a recovery CD and do not have a Microsoft Windows CD. However, it is also a great tool for everyone with Windows 9x and ME; it restores your Windows operating system in less then 10 minutes, even from a DOS prompt, without formatting or reinstalling Windows. And as an added bonus, it will create a Windows CD, one you can reinstall Windows from, without having to format or use your recovery CD. More about Easy Recovery . For Windows 9x, ME $15.00






The easiest way to backup your user files. You know the term "user files", the files you modify every day or every week. Your working on a document and then you realize that you have to undo a lot of the work you just saved; or your helper accidentally deleted your database, click on Save-it and restore an earlier copy. Tell Save-It how often to back them up , set it for every hour or every day, and you will never have to think about doing it again. More about Save-It . For Windows 9x , ME, NT, 2000, 2003, XP $15.00



Set Point



Set Point automatically creates System Restore points when you want and its simple to use! Just tell Set Point when you want one made and how often. If you want to make an extra restore point at any time, simply click on its icon in the System Tray and Set Point will create another restore point for you. For Windows ME and XP More about Set Point . Set Point is now in the Microsoft Hall of fame. $15.00




QikFix is the Swiss Army knife of utilities. Comprised of 10 different tools:

  • a file verifier, this stops screen freeze up and General Page Faults
  • a file shredder, this makes deleted files unrecoverable
  • a memory manager and memory diagnostic utility
  • a wizard to close all programs before installing software, no more Ctrl-Alt-Delete
  • an expand/compress file wizard, making file replacement easy
  • a system optimization wizard to speed up your computer
  • a Cache utility for fine tuning performance
  • a rapid system information screen
  • a preference utility that allows you to control who can access what on your computer
  • a folder comparison utility.

More about QikFix For Windows 9x, ME $29.95

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