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Download Easy Desk Office Version 2.0.19
A complete accounting software system for anyone in business. From the self employed to a company with 80 or more employees. Single or Multi user capable. Seven levels of security and a dead locked database for total security. Performs all your Banking - Checking - Inventory Control - Invoicing - Payroll - Purchasing - Receivables - Statements -Spreadsheets . And it even prints the envelopes for you. More information

Download Instant Check Version 4.2.02
You can now take checks over the phone, fax,online, or email, just like AT&T, Visa, and American Express do. No need to wait for your customer to mail you a check. With Instant Check software you can design and print your own checks at home or in your office. More information

Download Registry Drill Version 4.3.02
Have you tried every Registry tool out there to find the error in your Registry, but to no avail. Well, if the Drill cannot find it, it does not exist in the Registry. The World's most indepth Registry repair software. More information.

Download Registry Watch Version 3.2.02
Now you can track all the changes made to your Registry and file system when installing software or anytime you want to see what changes are made. You can create a report selecting only what changes you want to save and undo later. The perfect mate for uninstalling software. It tells you what files have been modified, added, or deleted, something uninstallers do not do. Now Registry Watch can backup and restore your Registry,More information.

Download Special Agent P. C. Secure Version 1.3.01
Fast The Total Internet Security System, Removes Spys and Trojans. Protects you with a firewall. Spots Phishing and Malware sites. Kills Spies as they appears. Encrypt and hide you presonal information, and much more. More information

Download Save-It Version 2.2.01
Automatically backs up your user files, no need to backup your entire computer every week any more. Save-It can save all the files your System Restore doesn't. More information.

For Windows 98 to XP

Download System Sentry Version 3.0.03
for Windows 98/ME/XP/2000/2003

The only Windows System folder watch dog. Finds, watches over and restores system files. Now when a system file becomes corrupted, or a program overwrites your system files you can find it, fix it without having to format, or reinstall the software. Not even Windows 98 System File Checker could do this. More information.

Download WinSafe Version 3.2.03 - for Windows 98/ME
Download WinSafe XP Version 1.4.06 - for Windows XP
WinSafe is the complete recovery utility. Recovers your operating system in seconds from almost any crash, without losing any data. The fastest, easiest way to recover. It contains all the tools you need to make repairs to your system and alerts you when your system changes or when it has been invaded by a virus or Hijacker. More information for Windows 9x - ME version ; More information for Window XP version

Download Set Point Version 1.4.06 -for Windows XP/ME
This is the tool Microsoft forgot to include in Windows XP and ME. It does exactly what Windows left out of System Restore : automate the creating of System Restore points. More information.

Windows 98/ME

Download Easy Recovery Version 2.1.01
A utility for anyone with Windows 9x and ME. Restore your Windows operating system and Registry in less then 10 minutes, without formatting or reinstalling Windows. Create your own Windows CD, one you can reinstall Windows from without having to format or using your recovery CD. The only utility that is designed for computer owners that have a recovery CD only. More information

Download FATMon Version 3.2.06
The only Windows utility that can monitor the File Allocation Table (FAT) for changes. This utility could save you from formatting because of a bad FAT table. Even if you are very careful with your computer you can get a corrupted FAT table. More information .

Download QikFix Version 4.4.04
This program consists of 10 wizards for finding and fixing problems, a complete and rapid System information window. It includes a utility for determining how to set your Swap file, how much RAM you really need and shows you exactly where your memory is. Great tool for finding those memory hogs. More information.

Download RegMedic Version 2.4.05
The only Windows 95 and Windows 98 utility that can fix a corrupted Registry without losing your other software. It can rebuild your Registry from scratch if need be without having to format. This is a very serious utility, there is no other like it. With more than a year in the works it is finally here. More information .

Download RegRepair 2000
The only Windows 95, 98 , and Millennium utility of it's kind. This is the utility you cannot be without. It fixes IOS ( Input/Output Supervisor ) ERRORS. Finds and repairs the errors in the Registry, replaces or removes corrupted fonts, DLLs, VXDs and more. More information .

Freeware from Easy Desk

Download CD Key Reader Version 2.0 - for All Windows
The reader will tell you what Key was used to install the current Windows installation.

Download Open RegEdit Version 2.0.04 for All Windows
This neat little ulitity opens the Registry Editor at the Key you want. FREEWARE. More information about OpenReg

Download Repellent Version 2.3.06 for All Windows
The safest way to ensure you do not get bitten by the "I Love You" bug, "Melissa", and other email and Internet VB and Java Scripts and Applet viruses, as well as stopping Registry Files from running. Protects Internet Explorer, Outlook, and Outlook Express as well as many other browsers and email programs that use Microsoft's components and Internet setting. And now with a Cookies Cruncher. More information

Download BSOD Version 1.00 for Windows 98/ME
Are you tried of seeing the Blue Screen of Death? Well change the colors! Now you can tell Windows what colors you want when it crashes. Take BSOD home free and laugh when Windows tries to display its' colors. And it's our gift to you - it's free.

Download the Exit Windows Version 1.2 for Windows 98/ME
Restart Windows (all versions) the fastest way ever, without even logging off if you are on a network. FREEWARE More information

Download Toilè Version 2.1.02 for All Windows except Vista & 7
This file contains Icons, cursors, and sound waves for renaming and changing the Recycle Bin. You will need to edit the Registry or you can also download the "Rename the Recycle Bin" file to do the editing for you also. Both files are FREEWARE.

Download Rename Recycle Bin Version 2.0.01 for All Windows except Vista & 7
This file will change the Icons and names of the Recycle Bin, my computer, and Network Neighborhood for you. It will even restore the defaults when you want. FREEWARE. Note you should delete the file ShellIconCache after making the changes. This file will rebuild itself after rebooting. FREEWARE


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