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So What's New?

Well, I must admit we had not released any new newsletters for awhile. But you can now find two new newsletters in the archive.

Registry Drill has just been updated to version 4.1.03. We will be adding the ability to alter Registry Key permissions in our next update. WinSafe XP was updated to verion 1.4.00. It now has the Clear Startup Group tool that everybody asks for from QikFix. We also added a few other tools to WinSafe XP. If you are a registered user please download the newest versions, and use the registered version site.

We have been working on new software in new fields, and started remodeling the site, as you can see. I hope you like the new look. I decided that a CSS style for the site would be nice, but I didn't like the fact that the source code hinders the search engines. But I used it anyway and trimmed the real fancy stuff out.

Please don't email us about broken links or mismatched themes yet. We are getting to them. We need to update 957 pages, so this will take us a little bit of time.

We released Special Agent PC Secure. It is our Internet Home & Office Security software package. I think it is really an excellent tool. You got to look passed the main interface to find out what it really can do. There is a ton of stuff on the popup context menu on the Icon in the System Tray. I am starting to believe that no one looks for popup menus on Icon in the tray. We have not send out an announcements to you guys yet, but we will.

We also developed a complete home & business accounting program, something to compete with Quick Books. Easy Desk Office is our newest software release. It replaces Instant Check in the fact that it can print checks, but even the check writing part of Easy Desk Office is so much more than Instant Check.

We even made it so that you can purchase just the parts you needs. I think it is easy enough to use for the home office or any small company . It can handle even a med size company with an office staff of 12 or more.

<<< You can see an ad for it to the left. If you would like to try, it click on the image.

We are updating System Sentry, Registry Drill, Open RegEdit and WinSafe XP. Sounds like we are in over our heads? We are, but a lot of the updates are already done, just not release as of this writing.

And for those that had been asking for Qiktool, the XP version of QikFix; we will be adding it to WinSafe XP and maybe one or two other programs.


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