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Registry Watch monitors changes made in the Windows Registry and the file system. Registry Watch make two file system and Registry snapshots for comparison. It compares the Registry and the file system before the installation of a program to the Registry and file system after the installation is completed. You can elect to just compare the Registry or file system or both.

Since it is a full Windows snapshot utility, it can completely uninstall the program.  Registry Watch is a 100% complete software uninstaller. It works on 64 bit as well as 32 bit.

Registry Watch can automatically backup your Windows Registry and restore it when you need to, on any Windows platform; from Windows 95 to Windows 2000, from Windows XP to Windows 7.

You can do either a system file snapshot or a Registry snapshot, or both; giving you more control. This not only allows you to use Registry Watch as an uninstaller, but also for finding changes made to your Registry for any other reason.

Registry Watch gives you the option of comparing the entire Registry or just a single Key. The comparison snapshots are for HKEY_USERS, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, a single Key or the entire Registry. You may also choose to remove some of the changes from the report before saving it, so that these items will not be undone later. You can even take several comparison snapshots using the original snapshot. This will allow you to see what is changed in the Registry when installing a program, then see what other changes were made when running the program. Allowing you to see all the changes from the original snapshot.

Registry Watch will take you to the Registry Key you have selected in the report for viewing. Just click on "Go To Key". You can also send any line of the report to the Clipboard if you wish to copy and paste it.

The whole process of comparing the Registry, making the first snapshot - making the second snapshot to compare the Registry and creating a report to save the changes should take less than 60 seconds.


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